Some Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

Here is a list of some questions that can be discussed at book clubs.

Tables and Figures

You can find the tables and figures in Structure here.

A goodread's Bookshelf

Here is a goodread's bookshelf that contains many of the books referenced in Structure of Digital Computing, as well as some related books.

The Five Eras of Computing

Here is an overview of the five eras of computing:

1. Mainframe Era:
When: 1965-1985
Bottleneck: computer cycles
Becoming commoditized: NA

2. PC Era:
When: 1980-2000
Bottleneck: application software
Becoming commoditized: computer cycles

3. Web Era:
When: 1995-2015
Bottleneck: network bandwidth
Becoming commoditized: application software

4. Device Era:
When: 2005-2025
Bottleneck: data
Becoming commoditized: network bandwidth

5. Data Era:
When: 2015-2035
Bottleneck: actionable information
Becoming commoditized: data